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Serving local industry since 1995

Accu-Chek Machining is a Secondary Machine Shop established in 1995. Our 17,500 sq. ft. facility is located at 37 Accu-Chek Drive in the Stackpole Complex, St Marys PA.

Our mission at Accu-Chek Machining is to service our customers with quality, price and on-time delivery. We have an excellent quality and delivery record – verified by our customer surveys.

To ensure the highest quality standards, we have become ISO-9001 Certified.

ISO auditor Mike Meketa Stated on his report “This is one of the best organizations I have audited for its size”

Our shop utilizes CNC Lathes and CNC Machining Centers. The lathes are capable of turning, boring, grooving, threading and facing, etc. We have Auto Loading Lathes to handle the high volume jobs.

The Machining Centers have 18 x 12 inch of travel and are capable of Milling, Slotting, Drilling, Tapping, Re-Tapping, Boring, etc. Some Machining Centers have dual pallets that enable us to machine two (2) or more sides of a part with just one (1) set-up. This gives our Customers a better turn around time on their parts. Partials can be shipped without having to wait for the entire order to be completed.

We also have Drilling and Tapping Machines with right-hand, left-hand and re-tapping capabilities.

If you have a need for secondary machining, and would like us to submit a quote on your parts, we would appreciate the opportunity. Phone us: (814) 834-2342 or fax us: (814) 834-7863, e-mail us, or mail us at the above address.


“This is one of the best organizations I have audited for its size”

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